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   Developing and manufacturing electrochemical machines SFE®, designed for precision electrochemical machining (ECM, PECM).

  Marketing, implementing electrochemical machines into the work cycle. Exporting, all certificates and permits for electrochemical machines are provided.

  Warranty maintenance and service for electrochemical machines. Personnel training on rules and methods of operating electrochemical machines.

  Modernization of electrochemical machines. 

  Development of engineering documentation, articles processing technology, technological tooling for electrochemical machines.

  Manufacturing matrices, dies, punches, die tooling, press molds with the electrochemical machining method.


Electrochemical machine SFE-5000М, machining area — S=40 сm2

Electrochemical machine SFE-8000М, machining area — S=80 сm2

Electrochemical machine SFE-12000M, machining area - S=120 cm2


 Our specialists have been producing and applicating electrochemical machines since 1989.

 We have obtained huge experience in maintaining and solving multiple most challenging industrial issues of application of electrochemical machining technology.

 Uncomplicated and reliable dimensional electrochemical machines showed a good performance during long periods of manufacture;

 575 (as of 2014) electrochemical machines of various types, which were produced and applicated into different industries in Russia, the CIS countries and all around the world (we send a reference-list upon a formal request);

 Qualified advices on PECM technology and product offering of our electrochemical processing specialists;

 A compact machine – an electrochemical SFE machine occupies the minimum area from 2.84 to 4.23 m2 (depending on a model);

 A machine can be installed in any heated facility with a smooth concrete floor;

 Safety and ecological friendliness of technical process. 12% solution of easily available and cheap sodium nitrate (NaNO3) and water is used as electrolyte;

 Our delivery experience includes the whole territory of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, China. We have our own truck fleet.